Rotator Cuff Repair Post-Operative Protocol

Abduction pillow x6 weeks, unless exercising or showering. No active shoulder ROM for 6 weeks. **No UBE. Early Scapulothoracic Isometric Strengthening is OK.

First 2 Weeks: Keep the shoulder immobilized. May use keyboards, computers and use the arm for eating with the elbow at the side. Encourage hand, wrist and elbow motion.

2 Weeks Post-Op: Table slide exercises to 90°.

4 Weeks Post-Op: Full passive motion within the plane of the scapula (i.e. forward flexion). Includes table slides and supine motion with the opposite arm moving the affected arm.

6 Weeks Post-Op: Active ROM is OK. No Rotator Cuff strengthening.

12 Weeks Post-Op: Rotator Cuff and Scapulothoracic Strengthening with elastic resistance.

4 Months Post-Op: May Return to Light Activities.

6-12 Months Post-Op: Once a full range of motion and normal strength have been achieved, may return to sport, weight lifting.